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Plan an Epic Buck & Doe

Let's face it: weddings are expensive. That's why we offer a discount on the Buck & Doe when you book us for your wedding day, too. And, since we know how important it is to make your Buck & Doe as successful as possible, it's also why we offer immediate access to our online planning document, in addition to a phone meeting before the party, to go over all the details. 


Just like all of our wedding packages, you're welcome to customize your Buck & Doe package by adding on any of our a-la-carte options. 

The Buck & Doe

Our package is set at $715, but can change according to your specific needs. Plus, get $65 off when you also book us for your wedding day!

Online Planning Documents and Phone Call Meeting to Finalize Event Timeline

You'll have immediate access to our online planning documents so that you can chip away at them whenever you'd like. Then, we'll schedule a phone call a few weeks before the party to go over the documents together, confirm additional details, and finalize your timeline.

Professional Audio System and a Microphone

We want as many people as possible participating in as many games, raffles, and competitions as possible! Our professional audio system will ensure everyone can hear every song and every announcement!

Custom Song Choices for All the Special Moments

The right song has the power to really hype people up, and that's what we're looking for during your Buck & Doe. Choose custom songs for every game, event, or special moment you have planned for the night. And if you need help coming up with some bangers, we've got you covered.

5 Hours of Professional DJ Services Including MC Services, If Required

Not only do they excel at what they do, our DJs love what they do, and it shows!! You'll often see us singing, dancing, or playing the air guitar behind our booths. Plus, we'll make sure everything runs smoothly with regular announcements and reminders as needed. If you have someone else acting as MC for the night, we'll also work with them to make sure they're feeling confident and comfortable on the microphone.

Music Throughout the Evening

Whether you're serving a meal or holding a special event before the dance floor opens, we'll keep the energy high with songs from whatever genres you want to hear.

Party Lighting for the Dance Floor

If you really want to create a true party atmosphere, you need the right lighting. For the health and safety of your guests, we do not use any strobe or laser effects on the dance floor.

1 Hour of Music Customization for the Dance Floor, Plus a "Do Not Play" List

The key to a great party is knowing what your guests want to hear, and our DJs are experts in keeping folks on the dance floor. But, we also want to make sure we're not playing songs you *don't* want to hear! In our planning documents, you'll find space to list up to an hour of music that we'll guarantee you'll hear on the dance floor, plus space to list all the songs you absolutely do not want to hear.

Choice to Allow Night Of Music Requests for Guests

If you don't want guests to make song requests, we totally get it. But, if you're open to it, so are we, and we'll use our best judgement as to what songs make the cut. In other words, unless you say otherwise, we probably won't play The Hokey Pokey for Aunt Susan.

"Matt was AMAZING! He did my Buck & Doe as well as my Wedding. He went above and beyond both times. Everyone loved him and kept telling me what a great DJ we had! I would honestly recommend him to anyone."

Avery Grant

LUSTRE Photography

Ready To Start Planning?

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